Euro India USA Golf ™ Championship Cup from time to time announces the Brand Ambassadors as the tournament progresses. Brand Ambassadors are the direct links between Laggud Sports Ltd being the master organisation and the consumer. They are also able to encourage their local golf scene, being connected to all of the area head pros, store managers, teaching pros and publishers of local magazines and blogs.


Brand Ambassadors ideally set up a home base at a local pro shop or driving range, where they can place a product display with catalogs on the front counter. Ambassadors also establish satellite locations at pro shops and off-course shops around the territory, leaving pre-order forms at each location and then fulfill those orders in a timely manner that fits their schedule.


We aim to encourage most of our affiliated  Brand Ambassadors and coaches  to teach best practices to achieve early success. We are currently progressing to make available to Brand Ambassadors access  to our Group web page where the community shares experiences.